DNA Security Solutions

DNA Property Marker™

Protection for you and your property

Small aerosol can that is used to spray a hard clear lacquer with a unique to every can DNA with a UV trace. This system is designed to protect your property without detracting from its appearance and value. Can be used with a stencil for immediate owner identification.

Marks your property with an Ultra - Violet Identifier combined with a unique DNA component.

Synthetic DNA is a powerful forensic coding system and it deters individuals from stealing from you because they know they will be caught and convicted DNA Systems are known throughout criminal fraternity ad Criminals fear the power of forensic science.

Based upon our extremely successful range of security products. Every Property Marker has a different and unique DNA code combined with an ultra violet identifier spray that clings to what it's sprayed upon that can provide the police with a positive DNA link to the crime.

No two DNA Property Marker's have the same DNA code.

Suitable for marking items around the home or business's as well as cars, motorbikes and boats. Highly covert so able to be used on i-pods, phones, computers, jewellry, heirlooms, antiques, paintings etc.

Ideal for:

  • Jewellery
  • Electrical goods
  • Stock identification
  • Plasma TV
  • Wine/Stamp collections
  • Tools
  • Art work
  • Valuables

DNA Property Marker

DNA Property Marker