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Security systems, are they delivering on their promises?

May 29, 2020

The key to having fabulous security system is understanding how to persuade would be robbers to keep on walking past your front door, when choosing their next victim.  


Business owners invest in security so that they don’t have to worry about attacks, but sadly this is not the experience of most. Most business owners we know have experienced some sort of robbery event at least once, many multiple times.


Many of the conversations that I have had over the last decade have involved comments like: 
“There’s nothing that you can do mate….” Or “We have done everything that we have been told to by our insurance company and it doesn’t make any difference – they still come/get in.”
It’s heart wrenching watching criminals on CCTV playback threaten and cause emotional distress to staff/customers, and finally exit with the business owners hard-earned cash and assets. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to measuring the losses to that owner. 
CCTV cameras have been promoted for decades as great deterrents for crime, yet why are there still increasing thousands of armed robberies in commercial retail businesses every year? With almost 100% of these business owners having done the right thing and invested in CCTV.
Yesyour CCTV cameras will provide you a photo of the top of someone’s balaclava (if they are even working) – but when police do track down an offender, they always have an alibi.  
So, what are we missing?  Well, I’m so glad that you asked 😉
Strong and effective security systems deter the crim before they even step over your threshold – that’s because they choose to steer well clear of you. You have given them a clear message that you are NOT a soft target.  You are NOT your average business that relies 100% on CCTV vision that has numerous loopholes that criminals can so easily get around in a few seconds by covering their face.
Our answer to this is DNA criminal marking technology.  It has been developed to fill these loopholes.  It boils down to being able to identify criminals once they have left your premise.  A blurry picture of a crim in a hoodie is not going to stand up in court as irrefutable evidence of their identity – but a unique DNA connection between the criminal and the crime scene will.
DNA Guardian technology is more about deterring criminals than it is about catching them.  As only 2% of customers ever need to use their DNA systems. But in the event they are needed to be used, here is a brief description of how it works:
DNA Guardian units sit above exit pathways to a door and can be activated remotely from anywhere in the building during a robbery or other adverse incident. Once activated it stays in standby mode until a movement sensor picks up movement coming towards it, then sprays a fine mist containing a tailor-made ultraviolet synthetic DNA solution onto the departing thief.
The non-toxic solution is virtually impossible to wash off and will remain on the skin for up to six weeks, and many months on clothing. Anyone suspected of committing the crime can be scanned initially with a black light and, upon confirmation that they have been sprayed, can then be swabbed for the presence of the DNA marker, to match the crime scene.
If you have a CCTV camera (or cameras) installed, and you own a business in an industry that is traditionally a regular target of robbery, such as a hotel, club, jewellery store, service station, Cannabis retailer or bank, I implore you to consider the partnership of the CCTV camera and DNA Guardian – as together they will work to give the identity and evidence required in the rare event that you’ll need it.  All for about the cost of a coffee a day.
For the rest of the time, you can sleep easily knowing that you are 98% better protected than your peers in your industry and they are now a far more attractive target than you are.