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DNA Detective: Soon homes will benefit from the same technology as businesses do with DNA Guardian

The Lead - 20 September 2016

Type: Internet News article

DNA Guardian: State of the art security for Wagga rules

Daily Advertiser Wagga - 19 April 2016

Type: News article

DNA Guardian: Ipswich RSL Queensland deterring thieves

Queensland Times - 26 December 2015

Type: News article

DNA Guardian: Gold Coast Club is a High tech safety club

The Gold Coast Bulletin - 12 December 2015

Type: News article

DNA Guardian: Maryborough sports club Protection with DNA Guardian system.

The Frasercoast Chronicle - 1 December 2015

Type: News article

DNA Guardian: Cooma now with DNA Crime Prevention

The Manaro Post - 4 November 2015

Type: News article

DNA Guardian: Inside South Australia deterrent mist

Inside South Australia - 16 October 2015

Type: News article

DNA Guardian: Whats behind this technology

In Daily - 25 August 2015

Type: News article

DNA Guardian: Club robbers can expect to cop a spray and not just from the Police

Lakes Mail - 7 July 2015

Type: News article

DNA Guardian: Science fiction becomes reality in the fight against crime

Maitland Mercury - 30 April 2015

Type: News article

DNA Guardian: Beresfield Bowling Club uses mist to prevent crime

Maitland Mercury NSW - 30 April 2015

Type:video and News article

DNA Guardian: Club who had staff member attacked with a machete installs the best deterrent  

Nine News - 21 January 2015

Type: video

DNA Guardian: Hi-Tech security boost for recreation club

NSW Great Lakes Advocate - 21 January 2015

Type: News article

DNA Guardian : CeX Coffs Harbour

Prime 7 Coffs Harbour News - 15 December 2014

Type: video

DNA Guardian : Successful Queensland Government trial 

Courier Mail, Queensland Newman Government trial results - September 2 2014


DNA Guardian : Australia's leading crime prevention product installed into leading Victorian clubs

Maroodah Leader News - July 16 2013 Victoria, Club Kilsyth and Club Ringwood install the proven deterrent of crime DNA Guardian

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Spray on Crime Stopper

Daily Examiner - 24 October 2012

Type: PDF
DNA Guardian : Break in DNA

Channel 7 Rockhampton News - 15 May 2012


DNA Guardian : Teens' Miami vice forces club to hire guard

Gold Coast Bulletin - June 2012

A community tennis club has been forced to hire a $1400-a-week security guard after 12 break-ins in only three weeks.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : High tech security system installed in three clubs

Bellingen Courier Sun - 6 June 2012
Registered clubs in the Bellingen Valley are building a security wall between themselves and would-be thieves through the installation of an innovative security system
Type:  n ews article

DNA Guardian : Bello Golf Club goes CSI

NBN News - Monday 30 April 2012

The Bellingen Golf Club has taken crime fighting to a whole new level.

Type: video

DNA Guardian : DNA to stop crimes

The Advocate, Coffs Harbour - Saturday 28 April 2012

BELLINGEN Golf Club is getting hi-tech in its battle against criminals.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Spray marks the future of crime fighting

The Chronicle - Tuesday 17 April 2012

DNA methods identify robbers.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Criminals on notice

Prime 7

To the untrained eye it's an unassuming white box, but to an unsuspecting crim it could be their ticket to jail.

Type: video

DNA Guardian : Police closing in on crime group

Adelaide Now

Type: video

DNA Guardian : Criminals can expect to cop a spray of DNA to hopefully make them pay

The Daily Telegraph - Wednesday 18 January 2012

A SECRET weapon is being used against crooks who target businesses and sports clubs in sleepy coastal hamlets. 

Type: PDF

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DNA Guardian

Security Solutions - Dec/Jan Edition 2012

DNA Guardian is the 'Next generation' innovation in security hardware. DNA Security Solutions, an Australian owned and operated company, has developed DNA Guardian with support from Police Crime Prevention and has recently partnered with Crimestoppers QLD.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Angus & Coote fights robbers with DNA

Jewellery World magazine - Nov/Dec 2011

Following a series of robberies at its Pitt Street store in Sydney, Angus & Coote has installed DNA technology in the store and begun rolling it out to other "high risk" stores around the country.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Robbery every week

Geelong Advertiser - 1 September 2011

Armed bandits strike 54 times in 12-month period.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Pub to give robbers a DNA spray after string of hold-ups

The Melbourne Sunday Age - 28 August 2011

A pub in Melbourne's north is the first business in Victoria to trial a DNA spray to catch armed robbers.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : DNA spray marks out thieves

The Sun-Herald Sydney - 28 August 2011

In just three months last year the jeweller Angus & Coote suffered four snatch-and-grab attacks at ts Pitt Street mall store.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Detecting Theft

Channel 7 - Today Tonight

After 2 and a half years DNA Guardian has now proved how much of a deterrent to crime it is.

Type: video

DNA Guardian : Magic mist makes crims glow away

Bulletin - 16 July 2011

The latest defence against armed robbers is a spray which brands the criminals for at least six weeks.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : DNA helps fight battle against crime

Gold Coast Mail - 5 May 2011

Spray stain links thieves on the scene. With Gold Coast crime continuing, more and more businesses are turning to criminal marking systems.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Criminals cop a fair spray

The Sunday Mail - May 2011

Craig Careswell has had a machete held to his throat and been dragged from the store during and armed hold-up.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian

Today Tonight - 11 February 2011

Security vision released from retailers as a warning to you.

Type: video

DNA Track2U

Today Tonight - 11 August 2010

Losing a child even for a split second can make your heart skip a beat, it's every parents worst nightmare. But now a new device has hit the market that will give mums and dads much needed piece of mind.

Type: video

DNA Track2U : Keep Track

Virgin Blue Voyeur - January 2011

Losing track of a child at a crowded theme park or a new holiday spotis a perent's worst nightmare, but now you can keep trak of your child with Track 2U instead of attaching a barely disguised leash to them.

Type: PDF

DNA Track2U and Body Guard : Gadgets to ease parents' fears

The Advertiser - 7 December 2010

Body sprays that trigger an alarm as well as mark criminals during an attack and a GPS equipped child tracker are the latest gadgets aimed at security consclous parents.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Jewellers have a guardian

Jewellers Trade - October 2010

It is no secret that jewellers are a favourite target of thieves who use fraud, stealing, break enter and steal and armed robbery, but no matter what the modus operandi these criminas use - there is a system, DNA Guardian, which combines state of the art DNA technology with an effective deterrent factor to protect staff and safeguard property.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : DNA spray helps catch criminals

The Australian Financial Review - 8 June 2010

"He glowed like a Christmas tree" is how the police described a criminal who was finally caught after breaking into a pharmacy at Nobbys Beach in Newscastle, NSW on more than one occasion.

Type: PDF

2010 Graffiti Forum

DNA Security Solutions - 7-9 June 2010

In appreciation of your support as a trade exhibitor at the 2010 Graffiti Forum
"Not just tagging along for the ride"

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Preventing Armed Robbery

Security Insider - April / May 2010

Preventing the occurrance of crime is of great importance to business owners and individuals. Armed robbery has a significant impact on victims, potentially causing both physical and psychological injury, as well as having a negative impact on businesses and the broader community.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian

A Current Affair - 2009

A new hi-tech crime fighting tool made in South Australia is quickly gaining popularity and could be the key for putting the bandits behind bars.

Type: video

DNA Track2U : Peace of mind for parents

It's every parent's worst nightmare - losing a child in a crowded shopping centre, or not knowing where they are when they should be at home.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Criminals cop a spray

Adelaide Now

Looking like he is afflicted with an exotic disease, Andrew Taft is actually armed with the latest weapon in the fight against criminals.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : DNA Technology Foil Theives

A new security system using liquid technology could reduce theft from businesses traditionally seen by criminals as easy targets, including jewellers, convenience stores, and service stations.

Type: PDF

DNA Guardian : Marking device to deter robbery

In a Brisbane first the owners of a Runcorn supermarket, robbed three times int he past six years, have installed a cutting-edge crime-prevention device set to revolutionise armed robbery investigations.

Type: PDF




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