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I was very impressed with the capabilities of the technology

I had never heard of Perpetrator Marking Technology or any marking technology involving plant material, water and UV in 2008, until I took over as head of the South Australian Police ‘Armed Robbery Taskforce’ late that year. There was a meeting scheduled with the owners of a local business who were going to show us how it worked. It was amazing.

I was very impressed with the capabilities of the technology and the opportunities it provided in the important areas of the deterrence of crime and the apprehension of criminals. One of my team leaders, president of a local football club, immediately had a spray unit fitted to his club’s premises – he’d been left so impressed.

Over the next few years Andrew and Tania worked very closely with police and government laboratories throughout Australia to vary their product and processes until they very effectively had won over those involved in crime prevention and detection across many areas. I’d quite confidently say that they now have the complete package to successfully deter offenders from robbing premises or stealing marked property and multiply detection and conviction rates because of the abilities of the product. Their signage is eye catching and to the point – the crooks know what they are up against. I’m aware of whole business sectors which have installed their products and reduced their incidents of armed robbery to almost nil, and in some cases nil.

It has the potential to significantly reduce crime figures in any geographical area involving theft of property, house breakings or robberies. I notice that the South Australian Police crime prevention website also supports the technology.

Although I have no commercial connection or affiliation with DNA Security Solutions or DNA Guardian, I’m happy to recommend the technology as a frontline security measure, probably better than, or at least equal to, alarms and CCTV. Its potential is enormous and unlimited – and it’s South Australian.

I wish them, as a local SA manufacturing and technology business, all the best with their products

Trevor Jenkins APM, Officer in Charge (retired) SAPOL’s armed robbery task force

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They decided to try someone else when they saw we had DNA Guardian

Hi Jeffre,
Just letting you know that 2 guys were arrested in Karuah on Saturday 31st December 2016 for 20 armed holdups so far that the Police know about. The 2 same guys were walking around the outside of the Club on Friday night, they stopped across the road from the DNA Guardian sign and were looking at their phones. I walked across the road to our courtesy buses and they wandered off down the road. As it was tourist season I did not report them to the Police. I will from now on.

The next day the 2 same guys held up the Stroud Pub and attempted the Stroud Country Club. They drove back to the highway but crashed their stolen car near Karuah so they came back into town on foot to get their own car. We had Police everywhere in Karuah chasing them and they were caught in town. When the Police found their car it was full of guns, knives and stolen goods.

I have spoken to the Police and they understand that the 2 guys were casing us but decided to try someone else when they seen we had DNA Guardian. I and my staff would like to say thank you DNA Guardian.


Ross Parr JP

Ross Parr JP

Secretary Manager, Karuah & District RSL Club

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Quote icon Dear Tania,
From the first moment you described the DNA system to David and myself I knew that I wanted it installed in our shop. After the recent spate of jewellery store armed holdups in South Australia I, like many other jewellers, was a little on edge. As I am looking at employing staff soon I am keen to offer a safe working environment, I believe that your system will deter theft therefore keeping my family and employees as safe as possible.

Ian Brookes

Jewellers Association of Australia

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Quote icon We decided to install the DNA Guardian System in mid 2010 in view of the spate of robberies that were occurring at hotel gaming rooms in close proximity to our propety. In fact these robberies are continuing in this state at regular intervals since our date of our installation. One of the main reasons for us to take this action was for the comfort and security of our staff in the gaming room, which is situated separately from the busy bar and restaurant areas that are on another level, We believed that the system would be a deterrent for criminals who would then look for softer targets.

Bob Karpluk

Palais Hotel

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Quote icon Our business recently relocated from Tumby Bay to Port Lincoln and we had considered that the risks of a break-in at our new location were greatly increased due to the extra exposure as a result of advertising. We had been operating in Tumby bay for 8 years and had never had any problems with theft or break-ins. We have installed an externally monitored alarm system with the latest CCTV cameras and the usual physical detergents in the form of barred windows, believing this would do the job for a little while...

Micheal and Dale Trenberth

Oztren Industries Pty. Ltd

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