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DNA Security Solutions


Here you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

General Questions

What is DNA?

Our biosynthetic DNA solution is scientifically developed and produced in a specialist laboratory specifically for our systems. Each solution is unique and can therefore categorically place offenders at the premises where an offence was carried out.

How does the DNA Solution get on to the offender?

When your alarm system is triggered the DNA Guardian system is armed and waiting for the offender to enter into the zone that is protected by the spray (usually over egress points, but it can go anywhere). When the passive infra-red detector picks up movement it will spray the offender/s as well as any goods they are carrying.

How do you match the offender with my premises?

A specific and individual code will come out from the swab which will match the code in your alarm system which then places the offender at your premises whilst the crime was occurring.

How is the DNA found?

The solution has an ultraviolet trace marker in it and it is this UV marker that is found. A swab is then taken of that area. The DNA will be extracted from the swab at a special laboratory.

How is the system triggered?

The alarm system can be triggered by either a remote panic button or be added on to your existing security system and when this is triggered your DNA Guardian system is activated.

Will my alarm system notify the police that an offence has been committed?

The DNA Guardian system can be connected to an alarm system which will have the capability of notifying the police of an intruder.

Where are the DNA Guardian systems installed?
Installations of the DNA Guardian units are typically installed at selected egress points in your premises to capture any intruders as they flee. However these systems can be installed to protect particular assets or any other designated areas of your premises.

How wide is the spray?

If the unit is fitted above a standard doorway (~2.2 metres wide) the spray is ~4 metres wide from end to end. We are able to add units to secure larger egress points, depending on your needs. 

Can the offender feel the spray?

It is possible the offender could feel the spray: it is comparable to a spray from a garden watering system nozzle. However it is unlikely that offenders would realise what has happened as they will be concentrating on their escape.

Can the solution be wiped off?

If the solution is wiped away whilst wet it will be smeared all over the offender and further marking them. The DNA dries on the skin and permeates skin pores. It also attaches to the hairs around the face, eyebrows, up the nose and in the ears. It will also impregnate any material used to wipe the solution away.

How long does the DNA remain on the skin?

The DNA can remain on the skin for up to six weeks depending on certain conditions.

Is it harmful or toxic to the skin?

Not at all. The solution has only a small amount of the DNA in it. Luxury French perfume houses have been using this DNA for many years without incident. They do this to try and detect cheap copies from Asia which will not have the DNA trace in it.

What colour is the DNA?

The solution is clear like water. According to your specifications, a colour dye can be added so as to more easily identify the offender(s). 

How long does the battery last?

The DNA Guardian system runs off a 12volt system that is connected to the mains electricity – so as long as this is on the system will permanently be on. Can a back-up battery operated system be installed? 

How many times will the unit spray before it runs out?

The system has enough solution to spray between 15-20 times. However, after the system has been used in an attack the bag containing the solution should be taken by police as evidence and then you would replace your bag and solution.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on the number and width of your chosen egress points and other areas that you have selected. 

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